A big fat flounder in an ocean of bullshit

When I turned 30, I asked my dad why I felt like I was getting dumber as I got older, like I didn’t know anything anymore. I was frustrated that I didn’t feel like I was gaining wisdom or insight. My dad snorted into his beer and told me that it was the first wise thing he’d ever heard me say. Uh, thanks, I guess? It wasn’t until years later that I understood what he meant, because the more I learned about a subject, the more I realized how little I actually knew.

I think I became smug and complacent about learning as I rolled into middle age. I read a lot and labeled myself a critical thinker but the rise of Trump has exposed how so many thoughts and opinions I have are not necessarily my own. I’m like a big, fat flounder, flapping around on the bottom of a big propaganda ocean, sucking up whatever garbage happens to float into my big dumb mouth.

The past year and a half has been infuriating and depressing and I hate how cynical I’ve become but it has also been invigorating to see the world and human beings a little more clearly. I’m grateful that I’m getting the chance to learn about slavery and racism without the patriotic whitewashing or the southern revisionism of my Deep South education. I’m glad that I’m finally aware of the deliberate, relentless fire hose of bullshit being aimed at all of us from think tanks, bored billionaires, corporations, foreign countries, and religious bedlamites. I’m glad I know now that we don’t all define liberty, equality, or human rights the same way. Hell, we don’t all define human the same way.

So, what’s the goal of this new blogging adventure? I’ll let you know when I figure it out but I’ll probably just mock things that irritate me like I did on my last blog.

Love, Amy



4 thoughts on “A big fat flounder in an ocean of bullshit

  1. Sparky

    May the “real” doctors that you wrote about in your article “FDA Homeopathy Regulations: The Cruelty of False Hope’ are secretly killing you. The “real” doctors killed your mother with the chemo. They also killed my daughter at age 39. Why did the “real” doctors tell you that chemo is only good for 3 kinds of cancers? MONEY Why did the “real” doctor tell you that only 2-3% people are cured with chemo? MONEY Bet you didn’t know that chemo is the only drug sold directly to doctors and that the doctor and the hospital split the profits.
    Maybe your “read” doctor can tell you what your problem? I doubt it ;-(


    1. I am so sorry about your daughter. Losing a child is unimaginable to me. You have some good points about the real doctors. I just wish no one ever had to even wonder what the answer is when it comes to cancer. I wish it didn’t exist.

      Warmest wishes to you and thank you for taking the time to read my ramblings. Amy


  2. Sparky

    Thank you for posing my comment. I am also sorry for your loss.

    I would like to explain to you why I am greatly against chemotherapy. A very extensive Australian study was published on the effectiveness of chemotherapy. The results were 2.some odd number effective. THAT’S A SHAME! Even if you get completely cured, your body will be DESTROYED! The chance of the cancer reoccurring or secondary cancer is high, you may become infertile and you may enter menopause early. Let me make this perfectly clear, I DO NOT believe in a miracle cure like “cut sugar out of your diet” Cancer is very complex. It is not just relevant to diet but exposure to environmental toxins, stress and negative emotions, trauma, and the list goes on. Alternative treatments aim to strengthen the immune system and detoxify the body. How is this NOT a common sense approach? EVERYBODY creates at least one cancer cell EVERYDAY! Your immune system takes care of it, because your body is wise and knows how to heal itself, if given the right conditions. It is only when the immune system is weakened, or the body is over toxic that problems occur.


    1. That’s interesting. I think chemo plus the garbage that quack in Houston pumped into her probably accelerated her liver failure. The idea of facing the choice of chemo vs doing nothing with one of my children terrifies me. Again, I’m so sorry – nobody should go through that.


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